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November 28th.

I thrive on the creative process.  Some days it is a welcomed dialogue.   At best we are both in agreement and we chalk those days up to the famous artist line,  “it just came to me” or “I was simply a vehicle for the work”….  Then there are the days when the disagreements begin and it is like a wrestling match…  Not the Greco Roman kind either, I am talking about the crap “kids these days” watch on TV.  The kind where fake blood, chairs, and insults about each other’s mothers are hurled through the studio.   That being said, today was a new experience all together.

It is not too rare to have multiple pieces going at once.  Often I will work on a painting, sculpture, etc. etc.  The thing is they are have never really been in the same day.  I may paint for a day or two, then move onto a sculpture for a week or three, then come back to the painting.

Meteorologists call it a perfect storm.   I call it… I don’t know yet, but I will think of something.  Right now, as I reflect back on my day in the studio…I went from fixing a sculpture, (cause Christy called me out on a piece…and she was right) to working deeper into another, It was at that point I looked to the right and noticed yet another error in the first painting I began in the studio.   The heads toooooo big, while the sculpture needed time to rest, I broke out the pallet knife, chalk, and gesso and had a go at reworking the piece.   The painting needed time to dry, so back to the sculpture.  This is when another problem was solved in my head and I went back into another piece and began making adjustments to that one.  Keep count that’s four sculptures and a painting.

Where I sit in the studio to work on wax, I am looking directly at the piece that I started as my First piece using Prague history as inspiration.  It is still sitting there just taunting me.  To my left is the giant sculpture that I am working on from live molds of Christy.  Between the two is the wax sculpture waiting to be picked up by the foundry.  By the way it is the one I broke in transportation three days ago. This one is finished and just nicely waiting, like a good sculpture.  I like this sculpture….

Some one once said to me a creative mess is better than idle cleanliness, it appears I have a big mess on my hands.  Wooooohooooooooo, I am not complaining, I am just saying woooohooooo……….

oh yeah,  pass this blog on to as many people as you know,  I really want them to know that the art they see in the gallery, museum, above the neighbors couch doesn’t just happen…..let’s hear a woooohooooo…….   I still have three hours until my family comes home,  think I will paint…

Who needs a hug or a beer?

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Mixed Blessings

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Studio Practice

November 26,

Mixed blessing,

The mixing:

Yesterday I took Christy and Jaz to meet Cestmir,  I wanted them to see his warehouse studio full of large works.  Works that would make Clint cry at the thought of moving.  Clint has suffered his share of hernias lifting and transporting my bronzes.  It was a great day.  The look on both their faces was worth the trip and it is one of those moments when you are glad the effort was put forth.  In the process I loaded three new waxes to go to bronze and took them along.  In the journey,  long story short,  two were broken and had to be reworked.  It’s the risk you take.

The blessing

Today I spent the day getting all the wax workings back out in the studio.  The morning was spent repairing the two pieces. Since I had the wax out,  I thought I would make another piece just incase I was able to visit a foundry this week and could give them a sample piece,  something simple and easy.  That process started at 8:30 this am,  it is now 3:45.  The one simple piece turned into two pieces and is now going to become a larger piece within a series.  If I hadn’t broken the pieces yesterday,  I wouldn’t have found the inspiration to continue in this series at this point.  The studio was already set up for a the first painting with Prague as the inspiration.  The art is smarter than me, no doubt

Today is also the day that Christy and I went on our first date twenty-four years ago.

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This was an interesting and fruitful week-end trip to France.  I had the opportunity to share my art and practice with a group of individuals who choose to take their holiday time to gather and develop their craft.  I admire anyone who takes their time and money to better themselves through the love of music, art, anything really.  It was  the first time in a long time that I presented my body of work through an open dialogue.    We have decided to develop a Professional Development program for teachers through all this.  Teachers in special areas are often given the chance to enhance their curricular writing processes,(often killing the joy of teaching for these unique individuals),   but they are rarely given choices to hone their crafts.  After meeting with Julie and Nick we are going to move forward with these type of offerings.  It presented a time for questions to be answered and new ones to arise.  If you know any art teachers who are looking for a chance to have  a PD  studio offerings that doesn’t  take up their summer,  pass this information on.  This isnt an advertisement, just a request.   Have them contact me for the business part……..I have enclosed pics to show the beautiful experience.

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November 13, 2012

The studio work was fruitful today.  It saw the completion of two new angels in wax and ready to go to bronze.

The motivation came from my visit to a bronze foundry yesterday.  The gentleman who owns the antique store next to our house in the village told me about this studio.  I told him I was an artist and he said his colleague’s father made bronze sculptures.  Wooooohooooooo, I thought on the inside, but I said, oh that’s cool, I make bronze sculptures too.

Anyway, as it turns out he is the foundry master.  He is owner and operator and once he found out I spoke the internationals language of bronze he was more than willing to show me all the aspects of his foundry.  It was very different in production but the same in process.  I wish Ike Hay could have been there to see this place with me.  It was in a stone building older than my home country.  Always puts things into perspective.

These ladies who showed up in my studio today can thank the above experience for their lives I guess.  The truth is it was going to happen anyway, but it is way artsier to tie their being into that experience.

Tomorrow I fly to France to give a lecture on my art and the creative process.  Then I go to meet with Bonnie my publicists in Switzerland to see if we can make this art thing into some sort of “real job”.  I find it funny that friends, family, and even people I don’t really know ask what I do all day, even after I tell them I am an artist.  HA!!!!!!   I tell the truth, I say I spend most of my time in my PJ’s eating bon-bons and watching Oprah……

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Nov. 5

My head wonders during the day.  The music comes from the corner creating a soundtrack for each day.  It is good.  I think of the opportunity I have been given here.

We had guests in this past week, and she kept saying how lucky we are to be where we are and how everything has lined up for us to take advantage of the situation.  I keep thinking I am not working fast enough and the work is just for me and the connections for shows aren’t lined up.  I forget that it has been only a few months.  Patience.  Patience Patience.

I read a book; well it was more of a poster book, by Fred Babbs.  In the book he talks about having two lounge chairs, one for him and one for anyone who wants to come visit.  I have always had a chair in the corner of the studio.  It has been a chair that has been donated, or even bought, and some of those chairs are now in other studios.  The one from Airy Hill is in Ig Wentlings studio in State College PA.

The reason for the chair was for anyone who wants to talk art to sit down and enjoy him or her while I work through a piece.  This past weekend Ray was with our friend Rita and he enjoyed sitting in the chair. Ray is a self made man who has taken to painting.  He is Irish and he as many of his fellow countrymen just gets life.  He gets what is important.  I only got to spend a few days with Ray, but it comes through in his thoughts, questions, and our discussions.  I have included a picture of Ray in this update. 

It is strange who comes into your studio; for example, I just knew he was coming as a guest of a friend, who knew he was an artist.



I fantasize about strange things during the day.  Eric Clapton was playing on the iPod and I was thinking maybe he reads my blog, cause ya just don’t know who reads this stuff.  He has had a similar up bringing to mine.  We have a lot to talk about, he should just give me a call and we could hang out.

That was about a 10 second thought, the rest of the day goes by, so times that thought by the rest of the day and I must confess, I think about some stupid shit during the day.  Between the ridiculous there is also the dialogue that goes on with the piece.


Back in Bronze Nov. 2

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Studio Practice

Sometimes when you are in the studio you find a fluid movement of experience based on knowledge.  I dont know if that makes sense, but when I work with Wax in preparation for a bronze,  it  just works.  Not to say it is without challenge,  the truth is it is always a challenge .  What I am talking about is knowing that your skill set is solid.  Some dancers just dance,  some musicians just play,  when I am making a sculpture particularly wax,  it just flows.  Time,  hunger, surroundings,  music in the studio,  all of that disappears.

It feels good to be where you belong.  I have said I paint like a sculptor.  I manipulate,  push,  pull,  drag, sculpt the paint across the canvas.  It is never pretty, in fact it is often a foreign.  Sculpting is like coming back home after a holiday.  It has been a long time and it is my hope that this will be able to go to bronze.  I have been meeting with people and I dont want to get my hopes up,  but I will anyway.

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