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My new web site is up and running.  Thanks to Christy, Greg, Bonnie, and the MS. CEESA band festival in Warsaw.

Check it out.  Feel free to send it to your friends and people you dont like.  I am not picky.


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February 14, 2013

The Four Challenges of “Living the dream”

I hear it a lot, I use it a lot, and I respect the hell out of people who live as artists with no safety net.   I have a friend named Mike who has been working on his own as a freelance illustrator for years.  I have always respected what he does, but I am far more understanding towards his work and strength as an illustrator.

I can honestly say I am fortunate to not have to worry about my house bills, food on the table, and clothing for my kid, but the pressures of the little extras, is daunting.  Like things my kid would like to do and time out with my wife.   Neither of them is demanding of anything, they are both just happy with time together, but you know what joy the little extras bring.

When we moved here I thought it would be easy to get a University job even if only part time.  Turns out, that’s not the case.  In addition many galleries are in the business of promoting Czech artists.  I get that, as I understand a cultures need to promote and develop the creative forces from their own.

Challenge  #1

Keep making art that is true my process.  Don’t Change what I do to make it fit into a market.  I have no desire or real need to sell my soul for money.  Integrity has always been more important in my art. The truth is until now it has been easy to keep that promise to the process because I have always had teaching to fund my art addiction.

Challenge   #2

Stay motivated and keep working.  Christy and I were talking the other day and I mentioned that making art isn’t a job.  It felt good to hear myself say that.  It is the truth.  Art isn’t something I want to do; it is something I have to do.  I am a better human being because of it.

Challenge #3

Live the dream no matter how short lived.  We like it here in Prague.  It is a great and beautiful city.   My kid is happy at school.  Life here is not as challenging as Moscow.  It would be nice to fit in here for a few years and make a go of it.  That might be adding to the pressure to find galleries, shows, college work, who knows?

The best part of the week has been getting to know and meet new people.

We had new friends over this weekend and it was a pleasure to get to know them.  They made me laugh and we shared the commonality of the ex-pat life.  The challenges that go with living away from your home country and family.  We talked about the strange things, like kids having to be foreigners no matter where they go to college.  It was good, the wine and beer helped tooooo. HA

I spent one day just walking the city with a friend.  We looked at the astronomical clock on old town and tried to decipher its many faces.  Found new faces of old artists.  Examined the cracks in walls and society and looked at entrances and doorways of the printing area of old town Prague.  She introduced me to the studio of an artist I will speak of in the next paragraph. Mostly I appreciate that someone wanted to spend time with me in the spirit of just sharing artsy knowledge and crayons…

I spent Saturday with Christy and jaz walking in old town. We ended up talking with an artist who is an established glass artist.  He shares a common understanding of process and admiration for some of the same artists and styles I do.  This too was a great connection to make, even though we are from different countries with far different upbringings, the commonality of art is grounding.  We talked of the promise of collaboration. I hope it happens.  Check out his work.

Sunday we had a sculptor and his wife here for dinner.  He is an artist who is deeply rooted in his process and creating.   He and his wife both lived and worked as independent artists during the communist era in former Czechoslovakia.   She in theatre and he in art.   At least that’s how I understood it to be.  They hold gentleness in their approach to life and people.  I look forward to seeing and learning more about their lives, as it must be one hell of a story to tell.  He has invited me to show in his massive warehouse studio on June.  That is excellent. He has also offered me space to finish the massive Franken sculpture that has our grown my studio.   I trust him, it helps that he reminds me of my dear old friend Paul Herr.   Feel free to check out Cestmir’s work.

Final Challenge #4

Keeping faith in the process, not allowing the connections to go by unnoticed, and allowing relationships to grow into art making experiences.  This is the most important little thing and challenge to keep in mind while living the dream.



A special not if you are still reading.  I was skeptical of doing this online web ID.  thing.  The truth is, it has been cathartic for me to hear myself write these words and reflect on my own process.  so if you are still reading, thanks, I imagine you all sitting there in your pajamas with your morning coffee eagerly awaiting my next blog…..I am also a little freaked out cause I know some of you sleep naked……

Soul Sucking

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Thought Process - Conversations

Feb, 7th, 2013

Soul Sucking Work

I am living the dream,  truthfully.  Being given the time to create work on a full time basis is an amazing gift.

There have been many times in the short eleven years that I have been a father when I have told my son that “Nothing is for Nothing”.  Truer words have never been spoken.

As you have seen I have been busy creating and sharing the creative process both good and bad on this blog.  This new chapter has been looming but now charging to the forefront.  It is time to get the work out to be seen and dare I say even make an income.  Christy and I have a deal.  This opportunity will only work if I maintain a level of dignity and integrity in the creative process.  Keep making the work that is truly mine.  Don’t change the approach to become marketable, but hold true to the reasons I make art.  Through this it forces you to become more aware of your processes and what and why making art is important at least to me.

For the past week I have been researching galleries, spaces, etc. etc.  in the hopes that someone will show my art and allow me to tell the story of my works.  I don’t sent it to a mass list.  I take the time to research each place and see if it might suit the process in which I want to share my work.  There is no easy way or suttle way to do this.  Each one is a little different depending on what I want to say,  but the truth is I struggle with each word,  especially the introduction.  So,  I simply say Hello.


Upon moving to Prague in August I have been searching for a space to create a dialogue between my work and the audience.  I study process and my relationship to the area and culture I am living.   I am currently looking for a space to tell the story of the process in which my works were created.   For example,  the piece titled “Red Square” which measures two meters by two meters, was a piece that includes dirt, pebbles, sticks, from Red Square in Moscow.  It also includes all the, photos, collaboration, and written dialogue, ground down then burned, and mixed into the painting itself.  I would like to take all the collected digital imagery form the creation of this piece and project it onto the piece itself.    My blog is also a place where I welcome viewers into the studio to see and respond to the process of art making.  This deconstruction of the creative process is vital to my desire to educate the viewer and demystify the creative process.

If you would be interested in discussing my work further I am available to stop by at your convenience,  please contact me at this email address or +420 728 793 074


Red Square Moscow Russia

Acrylic, Charcoal,

Earth on Canvas       2m x 2m



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