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March 29, 2013

The Studio is buzzing and so am I….

There has been a lull in my postings on the blog,  but the opposite can be said for the activity in my studio.  I have almost finished one large bronze piece that is made of three smaller pieces.  It is based on the time zones of the astronomical clock in Prague, which included a trip to a local boot sale, flea market, bazaar type place to purchase gears from old clocks.

I have also been working on a large presentation of which I would be comfortable talking about in a private journal,  but not the journal that is going on the interweb, only because it involves outside sources and individuals.  This is the first glitch I have found with this electronic recording.  I find myself wanting to be completely open and honest with the sharing of the process, but have now found myself in a position where my honesty could affect the views of others and the art coming to fruition.  So,  I will wait and when the time is right,  find a way to share the works separately from their intent.

I am also working on ways to get my art out into a broader audience.  I can watch and see where this blog goes on the logistics side of the web site.  It is amazing to see it go across the map of the world,   the best day was 13 countries.  So Lets get the word out,  send the blog to any one you know.  Also visit Airy Hill Studio on FB.  if you like what you see,  then Like it  (every time I ask someone to “like it”  I feel like a middle schooler again)….. While sharing my information with friends you can tell them all the cool stuff,  Like Cory is my artists friend and he suffers quietly in the studio waiting for the art gods to share moments of inspiration.

You may also want to tell them the secret side of the artists life.  In the “real world” artists also do things like grocery shop, go to parent conferences, laundry, put fuel in the car, fire up the grill, cook dinner, help with homework, kick soccer balls in the back yard, and husband type stuff…….

If that doesn’t create a buzz…. nothing will.



March 18, 2013

Sometimes making art is just physical labor mixed with high math and a dash of WTF….  I was thinking today about how Michelangelo would have many apprentices working in his Atelier at any one time.  I am convinced that the artists who didn’t must have died much younger than him.  I think I pulled something.  I didn’t even know I had muscles that stilled worked in places I forgot I had.

I spent the day wresting with sheets of wax, running up and down the steps to get the sheets of wax, (mostly cause I kept cutting the wax into the wrong size sheets, because I cant do the math required to match my imagination) do you know how hard it is to break a half circle into thirds.  Okay, not that hard visually speaking, but I tried to do the math and quit.  So,  I drew it out on paper first.   Sometimes you need to stick to your strengths, and be willing to run up and down steps.

I have been working on a series of three angel sculptures.  They are in the form of a sundial and each has one of the three style of numbers from the Astrological clock raised on their body.  It is a piece that will be a sculptural interpretation of the Astronomical clock in Old Town Square, Prague.  There are three times told on the clock, one for the seasons, one for Ancient time, and one for Prague (roman) time.  Have a look.

I am telling you this and not showing you because I want to record visually the entire bronzing process. I have started with a clay sculpture and will be documenting the process start to finish with each major step.  This has come from the number of people asking me “how you make bronzes” and “why are they so expensive”.  I explain it often and once they hear about all the steps and risks involved, they are always very understanding.   So, in a few weeks I will show this piece in its entirety.

NEWS, I am having an opening of my work here in Prague.  It will be held at the Stone Hall just behind the national theater.  Beautiful room and will show my works well.  Go to this link and scroll down for pictures.

May 18th artist cocktail reception

May 19th artist talk on process.

The place will be divided into two rooms mainly.  Each room will show works from my last two homes.  The show will be titled “House of Two” or something in that frame or idea.  I want to show the feeling of having my feet in the last two counties.  CZ and Russia.

Hope you can make it.    Bring your calculator.


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If you wouldn’t mind,  I would like to ask you to save the dates of May 18 and 19,  2013.
I will be having an art opening of my works and would love your company.
The evening of Saturday May 18th will be an Opening Reception… and Wine
Mid-day Sunday May 19th will be an Artist talk on the works and creative process….and Wine
They will be held in the Beautiful Stone Hall,  located just behind the National Theatre.
The events are open to the public.  Feel free to invite anyone you wish.  You are all very welcome to attend either or both if you feel so moved.
More details and invitations  to come…..
Cory Wanamaker

Retaining Water……..

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March 7, 2013

The river runs through them.

I have water in my veins, no doubt.  I am most civil to humanity when I am near water. Salt water especially.  There is something about the taste of salt water as the air cuts across you.  They say we are between 55 and 75% water.  I understand this deeply.  It could be and is most likely directly connected to memories and comfort.  I certainly remember being my most comfortable while spending summers on the Indian River in Delaware.

This was a fruitful week as it saw the completion of three paintings and waxes sent off to become bronze.  I have also booked a venue for an art show in May.  More to come on that in a bit.

I don’t have a lot to say about the work except that I am proud and pleased with the process. I have included the pictures of the physical journey to get water from the Vltava River here in Prague.  It is the same process used to paint the Moscow River.  You will see it take the exact route through the painting as it takes through Prague.  I used satellite images to get the route to the canvas.  The river water was used to prepare the canvas, the brushes, and paint. It may seem silly to some, but it is important for me to use the water from the place.  It is also a way for me to keep a connection between my life in the States, my life in Moscow, and my life in Prague.

Water has certainly run through all of those places, as have I. 

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March 1, 2013

Before I get into it today,  I want to share Two things I Have learned this week,

1.  Sleep is over rated.

(really, I don’t know whey but for the third time this week I woke up at 4:45 ish again!!!!!)   this time angry at Christy because I dreamt I was cooking ribs for a huge party on my huge grill and she stacked extra wood right on top of the ribs.  Coudln’t go back to sleep after that nightmare.  So, I did what anyone would do and surfed the web.  I know more about Liverpool Football club than an American should.

2. Paul Herr was right.

We were sitting in his old barn turned studio and he said in a voice that was a mix between an Old, Wise Yogie  the Bear with the scratchiness of Joe Cocker

“Hey Cory!. When you go past what you know, come back to something you understand.  Why do you think Cezanne painted still lives?  This will help you use the diversion you were just on to go further with what you know”.  Paul was a genius.  I love and miss him.

That being said,  I have returned to the angels and am taking them with me on a long walk in Prague.

I have spent the week working on a continuation of a theme of angels.  One of the pieces is from a found piece of wood next to our home in Horomerice.  I have incorporated Angels coming from the branches and it is now ready to go to bronze. I am liking where it is going.  Christy saw it and said this piece wont be going anywhere.  That’s her way of saying she likes it and nobody else can have it.

The second piece started with a photograph I took at the foot of Charles Bridge.  I altered it on the computer then took it to a printer in Prague.  I have her print the visual on primed canvas.  Then I began drawing the angels with pencil.  It was to be the blocking out process.  As I worked I remembered how much I enjoyed working in pencil and haven’t done it in a long-long time.

To go forward you have to return to what you know and reground yourself. Listening to Paul is essential. The art is smarter than me, and every so often I hear it say.

“Hey Cory!” 

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