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April 30th, 2013

Long time No Studio

I don’t know about you, but I missed me. I have been looking for me everywhere, I even went to the south of France, where I saw a guy who looked just like me hanging out at a pool relaxing and even having a nice glass of red wine, but that couldn’t have been me.  I am an aritst, I must be suffering away slowly in a dark studio getting skinny living off of paint chips and turpentine…

Turns out I took that trip to see a friend turn 4o.  His Mother invited us to come celebrate and who are we to turn down an invitation to party with a friend.  Happy 40th Jesse.    It also happened to be my Sons 12th birthday, Happy birthday boo-man!!!!!

The past few weeks upon our return have been spent doing everything that comes with preparing for a show.  I’ve made add a list  that will take the mystery and romance right out of art openings, unless you are a sick pup, and then you just may love it.  (Woof-woof)

Grab your bones and let’s go,

Make more art

Make lists

Procure gallery space

Design hanging system in space

Negotiate price

Re-negotiate price

Agree on price

Pay deposit

Find a date

Change the Date

Sign contract

Send out Save the Date

Find Wine Guy  (actually wine guy found me)

Design Invitation

Write course syllabus for Local University (in hopes of getting teaching gig)

Take it to Printer Company

Get rejected by Printer (micro-soft is not “real” printer company friendly)

Smile nicely at Printer man and remind him you are “stupid American”…

Procure Adobe Sweet

Re-learn photo shop

Learn Illustrator

Re-design invitation

Go back to Printer Company   (sheepishly)

Lay out opening

Re-work opening idea

Make another list

Find Handler (someone to take care of me during opening)

Design Poster

Start invite list

Get approval from Christy

Write another syllabus for University (might be working)

Laugh (not cry) at Irony that the course you just wrote is on Collaboration and Exhibition

Art imitating life and such….

Learn how to use face book to promote show

Learn how to create an event on Facebook

Begin final details on a few last paintings,

Send last Sculptures off to be bronzed

Rework other paintings

Rework invite list

More approval from Christy

Meet with person who makes Archival Prints (get on public transport)

Approve proofs of prints (more public transport)

Pick up prints (even more public transport)

Send posters to Printer Company

Pick up Posters from Printer Company  (walk in like I told you so…)

Meet with “Handler” Amy  (sounds like someone who works with dogs)

Talk about Paintings with “handler”

Convince her that you are a pleasure to work with and not to worry you are not one of those strange artists who get all moody and weird………(shut up)

Go back to space to show the Show Coordinator Amy;  (this is the name we will use instead of handler, much better than handler

Talk through some details,  (good to have someone else doing some of the thinking)

Now answering to two women, not as awesome as I imagined it in my mind.

Pick up pedestals for sculpture

Arrange for final sculptures to be delivered

Figure out food choices,  (wine, bread, cheese, grapes, fancy yet un-pretentious)

Annoy people with too many invites

Start freaking out when thinking about people not coming

Make writings to explain art

Find person to Translate writings into Czech

Take time to Love my son

Ask friend to do introduction  (Cheers Steve)

Ask another Friend to give the toast (Cheers Mark… I haven’t asked Mark yet, ooops)

Ask another friend to host after party at his bar (not really his bar, but it cool, I hope)

Ask another friend to help set up and move show (he might be around, he might not)

Take Christy to Dinner

Find Man with Van to move art

Send bids out to five Men with Van ads.

Negotiate Man with Van

Hire Man with Van,  (no stress in asking a perfect stranger to load your work into their van then drive it to the gallery…yep, not worried at all)

Install tracking system on all pieces of artwork.

Write or ask someone to write press release

Deliver Posters

Start handing out invites (try not to cry when reasons for not coming to show are way better than your show will be… like seeing Elton John in concert that night)

Check in With Amy

Visit Gallery Space and take more measurements

Remember you haven’t Blogged or Tweeted yourself in a while, and you kind of miss it.

Try to control yourself and not have pre-mature-bloggulation!!!

Its okay, it happens to everyone……….

this is a work in progress.  Took a walk around old town square and photographed churhces in the area then photoshopped them together to create a “mall”  type affect.

I am also going to be slipping the invitation in now and then as a form of subliminal advertising.   OH how cleaver am I…….(insert evil laugh here)


Ps.  the Angels in the Trees Sculpture came back from the Foundry yesterday,  oooooh  I like that one.  needs a bit of tweaking, but will be ready for the show (that I am subliminally advertising)…..

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April 4th, 2013

Bang Dots, back to basics, Back to Bronze

Long but I think worth it.

I have spent the last two weeks preparing for meetings, presenting at meetings, discussing before and after meetings and teaching teachers between those meetings.   During that time there was a lot of education talk, teaching, sinus infections, and gallery opening logistics.

Anyone who has worked with me in the world of education knows I would rather loose a toe (really) then attend meetings. I am not bragging, but the truth is, we could give some pretty solid arguments as to why they didn’t want the art teachers at in-service… Can I get an Amen from any of my former teaching partners?

When we are born we all made marks.  (speaking of being born,  Happy birthday to Christian and Diane) This process in the western world of artists and child growth is called the Bang Dot developmental period.  It is when we as children take joy in making marks with no preconceived idea.

I sat and sketched, re-sketched, manipulated wax, and even went to the school this morning to hang in the cafeteria and have a coffee with a hand full of other spouses as an avoidance strategy.  The truth is, I have grown to enjoy other human connection every so often.  My plans to take over the PTA have died, as I cannot compete with the dedication to service brilliantly embodied by some of my newfound coffee mates.

Back to the work, Two hours passed and it was time to simply return to the basics and make marks.  I picked up a ruler, etching tool, and knife and went to work.  I am enjoying the result and this piece is coming together nicely and will be ready to go to bronze next week.

I have included all the visuals from this piece from start to where it is now, which is ready to go to bronze.  I did this because so many people ask me “How do you make Bronze”?  So,  here are the first few steps.  (KEEP IN MIND  this is about three weeks worth of work)

1. Block of Clay

2.Turn the clay into the form

3.Make a plaster mold of the front

4. Make a plaster mold of the back that joins the front

5. Take out the clay and pour in hot wax

6. Pull the wax and start to sculpt

7. Begin Working the wax details

8. Go shopping for Gears at local Bazaar Boot Sale

9. Work wax and combine gears

10. Finalize design and keep scultping

11.  Finish Touches.

12.  Send to bronze,  there are an additional 8 steps until I get them back…. I cant show you those because I dont have a foundry in my basement.

This is why I dont drink when I work,  sculpting bronze already has a twelve step program and I dont multi-task well.

This piece has the potential to make a nice mark….

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