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Pancakes to after Party

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Studio Practice

May 29th, 2013

From Pancakes to after Party,

This is the last blog or writing I will do about my first show here in Prague.  As life would have it, I have another show in two weeks and will now begin the preparations for that opening.  More on that later.

Saturday May 18th we awoke to heavy rains, at one point they were coming down sideways. The good news was my paintings are waterproof because I make them out of superhero paints.  These paints are extracted from genetically altered duck hides.  And everyone knows ducks are waterproof.  The fact that they are genetically altered makes them super hero ducks.

Christy woke up and made us Pancakes.  This was nice because they were filled with all types of extra vitamins that we were going to need to get through the day.  Mostly they were filled with vitamin L for LOVE………..

Jaz found his way down the steps when he smelled food.  He put on his happy to help and eat face and got to work.

The mover man Max,  his real name,  showed up with his enormous mover man van.  He was a lovely Polish gentleman and as it turns out is an artist.  Which is why I hired him. He said he would treat my work the same way he would treat his.  I assumed this means he was willing to set his artwork on fire as well.

Our new friend Vlad showed up to help move the works; He is a good guy and hard worker. He has a strong back and tool know how.

All three vehicles loaded and off to the gallery.  It was a caravan, but before we left, Max joked and said he had clients waiting for these works.  Oh those funny polish guys and their moving vans and their jokes about stealing all my artwork.   Then he pulled away as we gathered our last couple of things before we left for the gallery.  It was even funnier when we arrived at the gallery and Max and his huge moving van were not there yet. Lucky for me I ate those love filled pancakes and stayed perfectly calm.

All was going well, paintings survived the move and we were moving pieces quickly into the gallery.  The rain had stopped too.  In fact it was all going too well,,,, Wait for it,,,, Wait for it,,,,,, oh here it comes.  You see no matter how much you plan you will always miss something. I know I measured the hall way down into the gallery twice and was sure Red Square would fit…you guessed it… and by it, I mean we had to take the painting off the stretcher, take the stretcher apart, put the stretcher back together once in the gallery and then reattach the painting, then yep, you guessed it……………   Again I stayed perfectly calm and I know it was because I ate those pancakes, which I am beginning to think Christy may have slipped other “Vitamins” into them along with love.

The show was hung with the help of Jacov who is the gallery assistant.   While we were hanging the show Amy was working out last minute details about the opening.  Amy was my handler for the opening.  It sounds like someone who handles dogs during a dog show.  Kind of the person who makes sure the dogs behave, walk properly, don’t pee on the carpet, get treats, and listens well.  YEP, it is exactly what she did.  She also handled all the business for the day of the show and is still handling the business.  I asked Amy to be my handler for the show because she throws a mean dinner party.  Lets face it; an art show is just a dinner party with a lot of decorations on the wall.  Or at least that’s how I got Amy to agree to work with me on the opening.

We even had enough time to go home and take a catnap.  Thank goodness, because whatever Christy put in those pancakes had worn off and I was crashing.

We got dressed and off we went.  The show started out nicely and as the evening progressed we figured we had a better than expected attendance.   The audience ranged from the coffee moms who I hang out with after dropping off my family at school, to business men, to my neighbors, some Czech artists, and friends and friends of those friends.  Emily wins the long distance traveler award she came in from Amsterdam.

When we arrived at the gallery, our French friend Michel, his wife Natalie, and Zach set up an amazing wine display, put on his beret, apron, and smile and we were ready to open.

There was a lot of wine being served and as any art critique will tell you, the more wine, the better the art.  Steven C.  gave an excellent introduction, seemed fitting as he was there when we moved to Moscow, saw me make my first piece in Moscow and was also here when we moved to Prague and saw me make my first piece in Prague.  I said a few words about Art, and other art, and then I danced an interpretive dance about art.  People laughed and cried and even threw their bras and boxers on the stage, it was epic and a little creepy.  I totally rocked it…   Mark W.  gave a lovely toast about how our Bro-mance began.  I was moved, and if you were there you would have been moved, and if you weren’t there I am sure you felt something move, but didn’t know what it was.  Well I am telling you; it was the awesome Introduction, speech, and toast at the art show.  Which brings me to the next point.  If you weren’t there you can send me your doctors excuses anytime.

We progressed nicely and at the end of the night we had a few “very select”  “vip” “dear friends” “people you don’t know” “new friends” and other people join us at the Napa Bar for an after party.  It was about time, because I aint going to lie, I was not drinking wine and the art was starting to taunt me

It was time to relax and have a drink or nine.  I am pretty sure all had a great time… Here was my highlight of the after party.  A new friend who shall remain nameless, but get ready for this story.  He bought one of my paintings and is it turns out is a professional at the “Wind up”.  He wanted to know why I don’t make multiples of my works.  I explained it to him in what I thought was a very artful way.   To which he said okay, then he proceeded to tell my how he was going to take my work and put it on bumper stickers, t-shirts, beer cozies, temporary tattoos, and make me do an interview on Oprah.  Okay, I made the “Oprah” part up, but the other stuff was so funny, I hurt from laughing.    (Do me a favor, if you see one of my paintings on a t-shirt or on a bumper of a car, could you send me a picture of it, and the number of a good copy write attorney… )

Feel free to peruse the pictures that go with this day at your leisure.  Feel free to ask any questions you want, but I want you to know upfront.  I will never tell you what was really in those pancakes.  

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May 17th, 2013

Like a Virgin….Lets Toast

I have that feeling in my stomach of anticipation, excitement, fear, willingness, and brief moments of WTF……!!!??..

This is the first show in Prague.  It is also the first time I have spent the build up to a show sharing all the works and processes as they happen on the internet.  It is strange to see how many of the works have changed from the time I started this blog to now.

Tomorrow will be without a doubt, a total mind melt.  The run of emotions will be long and I can only hope to handle it with dignity and grace……yeah right…….  Stop laughing……..

We will take photos of the show and if I remember, we will take photos of the set up and ending of the show to share as it is also a vital part of the process.

Until then, if you have one of my pieces in your house,raise a glass tomorrow around 7:00PM  Prague Time and toast the art with us!!!!! 

If you feel so moved – Take a picture and send it to me.

Master of the Sticky!!!

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

May 14th, 2013

Master of the Sticky

When you lead up to a show your ability to create, re-create, and edit lists is in full swing.  In this high tech age of note taking, I have become a master of the desktop sticky note system.  Oh yeah, I can write reminders like nobody’s business, which is a good thing, because my short-term memory has gone to hell.  I would like to claim it is because of all the late night crazy living like a rock star artist parties I attend, but then that would require me to………… what was I saying?

Anyway, there is not much to tell except all the normal neurosis that go along with putting your art out there for the public and friends to see.  No big deal at all, just things like, what if no one shows up, what if the works fall off the walls during an earthquake, what if during the show I realize I forgot my pants, what if someone hates all the work and lights it on fire, what if no one shows up, did I mention that already????  I have never really cared about selling my art at openings, I just really want the work I have done for the past few years to be viewed and hopefully appreciated before the aliens land and laser beam all the art in the universe just before my show starts.  See, nothing too extreme to worry about.

See you Saturday and Sunday, I hope????!!!!!  I will be there with pants on…….


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