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June 21, 2013

New Ending to the Beginning

It is the first official day of summer.  Christy is finished with work,  Jaz has already tucked into his mountain of summer reading,  and I find myself for the first time in my adult life,  feeling like it is just another day.  After 19 years of teaching and all the first and last days of the years that go with it,  it is time to start my own end of the year traditions and ceremonies.  Here they are….

I will have you know that I ran around the studio naked to scare away an evil karma that might be leftover from the year.

I have also decided that this blog entry will be the last until I reopen the studio at the end of summer.  Incase you are wondering, I have gotten dressed.

I will close the studio door and not open it until the end of August.

The last song played in the studio this year will not be Free bird, it will not be Stair way to Heaven,  it will be The Avett Brothers  – The once and future Carpenter.  If you don’t have it, get it.

Christy often asks  us do a top ten list for our birthdays,  So I wanted to just give it ago,  since this was the first year where I focused completely on the studio and didn’t have two full time jobs.  It feels like a kind of Birth, but with more screaming.

Studio top ten list. ( I cant count)

Building the studio with my father in-law

Spending the morning with music and coffee as the studio warmed up

Walking the streets of Prague for Inspiration

Keeping the Airy Hill Tradition Alive

Having a Solo Exhibition in Stone Hall

Making art without feeling guilty for taking time away from family (Christy and Jaz are amazing)

Being part of the Art Safari25 at Bubec

This Blog

Meeting Mark and Amy White, both of them believing in my work enough to be involved in the process.

Having the freedom to create when creativity calls or nap when needed

Making Bronzes AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!  Bronze is not just a medium it is in my soul and flows seamlessly from my mind, body, and hands.

The new adventures and commissions that keep my artistic integrity in tact.

Being brought on as a Visual Arts Professor at Anglo-American University for Spring 2014

Having my art appreciated.  Not to be confused with loved or liked, but simply seen and thought of.

The friends I have made through the journey of making art.


Let’s toast to the Ending of the Beginning



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June 19th. 2013

I don’t understand!!!!

Art Safari 25 at Bubec Sculpture Center was a truly international event.  There were about 15 artists.  Mostly Czech, but also from Japan, Canada, China, and the USA.  It was strange to be part of a group show where I didn’t know any of the artists.  I have sent work to shows around the world where English is not the first language.  But, this is the first time I have been there with the art work, setting up the show, and partaking in the activities.  It was to be honest a bit unsettling.

I don’t understand,

How I got to know the people from the studio as I worked for two weeks trying to get the Giant Angel up to power.  We had lunch together some days, and other days just nodded and said our daily greetings.  I am sure they think I am a bit slow as my language skills are minimal at best.  I don’t care, I just keep on working.

I don’t understand,

How a sculpture that looked so good in my brain, didn’t come together the way my brain wanted it to.  In the end, we moved it outside to the outside sculpture area as to not distract from my bronzes.

I don’t understand,

How unnerved I was when they were introducing the artists during the opening reception. It was painfully obvious that I didn’t understand enough Czech.  If they had been ordering a Pivo and or Kurice I would have been fine, but Czech art speak, was way out of my comfort zone.

I don’t understand,

How lucky I am to have such support to “live the dream”.  My wife give me no grief about the finances needed to make art, my son is an awesome helper when setting up and moving shows.

I don’t understand

Why my brain and soul wont let me handle contracts for selling art.    Amy has been giving her time to prepare shows, deal with contracts, and keep me on top of work needed.  It is the job of an art manager and she is doing it cause she is a nice person.

I DO Understand

That I am a very fortunate individual to have this opportunity, for those people who have been following this blog literally around the world, I wanted to say

Thanks for understanding.

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June 6, 2013

Angles, Strangers, and Giants OH MY!!!!!

The last two days have been spent in the Bubec Sculpture center just outside of Prague.  It is the sculpture studio of Cestmir Suska (  a man who I have spoken of before.  We shared blood soup at the local butcher.  IF you don’t remember or don’t know, go back to the beginning of my blog and find it, worth a read.

I moved into the space on Tuesday with my Friend Barry helping me load and unload the large sculpture I will be premiering at the Art Safari 25 here in June 15-16.  I was first worried about how my work would hold among the works of the other artists.  I was also worried about how I would work in this space. Cestmir has seven different apprentices working for him in the studio.   They all have their own artist professions but are “paying their dues” and learning the craft from a master artist.  I am just this slightly overweight American guy who has moved into their space to work on his own art.  To say that it is a bit strange is an understatement.  I don’t know how to explain how it feels, but I am warming up to them.  Today we talked about the potatoes in their soup and the nice glass jug that I keep my lunchtime Pivo in.

Clint Hibshman once got a hernia from lifting my sculptures in and out of a gallery in Maryland.  I felt bad, so I bought him crab cakes and beer.  Cestmir has a piece that weights seven tons and was just shipped to the town where Budvar “the original Budweiser” comes from.  His guys helped him.  I would hate to think what he would need to buy those fellas when their hernias blow out…

The Angel is coming and will be ready for the show.  The space is being prepared and I am starting to see what will the show will bring.   My hope is as a the stranger in this place, I can learn to commune with the other artists, while walking with my angel among these giants.  

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