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August 26th, 2013,

A gentle nudge and the door is open.

This is the first full day I have spent in the studio working on art.  I walked into the studio humming the Welcome Back Kotter theme song.

The studio is nice and clean studio, with a half painted piece on the wall. It is good to come back to something already started.  It gives me a jumping off point.  I wouldn’t want to come back to having the pressure of starting a new piece and having the stress of knocking the rust off.  The frustration level would be disheartening.

I finished the year with a top ten list.  So, this year I will begin the year with a top ten list of things I am looking forward to or hoping to accomplish.

  1. Create quality work with insightful direction
  2. Maintain the discipline needed for a focused studio practice
  3. Play well with others
  4. Keep the ideas coming
  5. Find that damn Disney song that keeps shuffling on my ipod and delete it.!!!!!!!
  6. Have another showing of work in the early spring
  7. Develop solid commissions with companies as a way of helping them connect to their surrounding culture.
  8. Collaborate in a selfless manner and share knowledge with an apprentice.
  9. Stop running naked with scissors (just checking to see if you are still reading) I don’t actually run with scissors………
  10. Loose these damn 20 pounds that snuck up on me since moving to the Czech Republic,  I cant imagine how all that Czech beer would have caused me to gain weight.

11.Eleven, because it is one more than ten……..


And Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!