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Sept. 17, 2013

The New Girl and Till the Kid….

This new studio season has brought on some interesting new ideas.  The first thing I would like to do is welcome Till into the studio.  He is a graduate of the International School of Prague and has decided that as part of his gap year, he would like to do an internship in my studio and study sculptural process.  He is a great student who works hard, learns fast, and is sensitive to the creative process.  Although he is adapting quickly to the studio process I think it will take him a little longer to understand my sense of humor… Check out his blog.

I would also like to introduce to my new girl.  She is a horologist.  By definition a horologist is someone who fixes and or works with time.  There is a direct connection to Prague in this piece.  The gears were bought at a local rummage sale.  My friend Barry took me here to just walk around and look for gears.  I spoke about it in a previous posting.  The more inspired connection is the Astrological Clock in Old Town Square.  Although it is a massive tourist attraction, I still find myself studying it when I pass by.  It is a beautiful example of ingenuity, science, design, and astrological schools of thought.  It is amazing.  I have a similar relationship to old town as I did with Red Square.  No matter how many times I have or will walk into either, I am awestruck.


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Sept. 4th, 2013

Between the lines.

– OH the glamorous life of an artist,  While my family is away, I have spent the days entrenched in the wonder of the world of art.    Today I spent the morning sharing my knowledge of art with the eager youth who hung on every word waiting for the next amazing awakening of the artist experience.

Truth:  I lectured to a group of high school students on art appreciation.  They were really nice and attentive kids. We had a nice chat over breakfast, toured some local art and a gallery in Prague.  I think most of them stayed awake for my lecture,  I think…..

– I spoke with my agent today and she said she is searching for new ways to bring my art to the masses. She will be spending her entire day tomorrow dedicated to researching new audiences, finding gallery spaces, and tasting the best champagnes for my openings.

Truth:  I actually did speak with Amy today, and we are going to look at a possible venue tomorrow for an opening.  I may have stretched the wow factor, although she might be having a glass of champagne,  I don’t know.

– I then had lunch with a Patron and we shared his joy in his recent purchase of one of my works.  We walked and talked about the uplifting experience he has had as an owner of my artwork.

Truth:  He really is a Patron and he really did tell me how much he enjoyed the process of purchasing my work and how his entire family was involved in surprising him with the piece for fathers’ day.  I may have exaggerated the uplifting bit…..

– I returned to the studio to begin the creation of a new sculpture that will wow the viewers and make them cheer for more upon its unveiling.

Truth:  I started a sculpture,  three different times today.  Only on the third try did the beginning stages resemble a piece that might turn into something that might resemble a sculpture that I might finish and put on public display….

– I am off to a philosophical engagement to discuss the current events in the art world and be challenged intellectually by my fellow man.

Truth:  I am going down to the local pub for a beer and try to communicate in a language I barely understand with the locals.