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October 16, 2014

Giving the Clock the Time it deserves

How do you live as an artist in a place that has hundreds of other artists painting the landmarks and still be original?   It is the unique life of an ex-pat artist in Prague and most other capital cities around the world.   You see there is this clock in Old Town Prague.  It has been photographed, photo shopped, painted, oil painted, water colored, collaged, over and over you get the picture.   I am drawn to the story that the workings of the clock tell.  The clock doesn’t just tell time in hours, but also in months, days, seasons, constellations, and so on.   It draws me in and I keep thinking there has to be a way for me to connect to it visually.

I finished a piece today, or at least I think I finished it.  I am never sure.  I do know that when I would finish a piece in all my previous studios in the U.S., England, and Moscow there was always a little ceremonial toast with friends.  Here in Prague we live more dispersed from people, so the simplicity of having people walk over into the studio for a toast is more challenging.  Do me a favor, if you are still reading, and if you think the piece is worth a toast, give one, take a picture and reply back to this post with your picture attached.  Could be a fun way to see old friends and make some new ones, threw the guides of celebrating art.

Either way, I know I spent the last week trying to give the clock the time it deserves.  I don’t know if I did it justice or not, only time will tell…..?!!

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Hard work and Hot Wax!!!

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October 8, 2013

Hard work and Hot Wax

The last month have been spent working on the waxes that will become bronze.  It is a long and tedious exploration in the sculptural process.  It is also the place where I find the most comfort.   I prefer to work directly in the hot wax as it gives the result of working in liquid metal.  The side affects are burns, breaks, and smoke inhalation.  But other than that,  it is fine.  I am always happy to prepare the studio for Wax work and I am always happy to take the wax equipment down when it is time.  Now it is time to turn the studio into a painting room again and send the waxes off to the foundry,  here is a sneak peek at the waxes.  Enjoy.

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October 1, 2013

Its raining its pouring the old fart is snoring.

There are times when the studio isn’t a studio.  There are times when the studio is a place of un-relentless creativity through hard work.  Over the past two weeks it has been both.  When you live the life of an ex-pat you meet people all over the world. Some capture a special place in your heart and mind.  In this case,  there is a lovely couple who lived next to us when we lived in England.  Their names are Geoffrey and Janice.  She is Scottish and he is Yorkshire.  They came to visit us here in Prague.  It was an amazing time of remembering old stories and creating new ones.  During this time, the studio was transformed into a bedroom for Geoffe.   He enjoyed the space and noticed that I have writings on my wall.  Some are to inspire and others are just reminders.  Geoffrey took the liberty of adding his thoughts to my wall.  When he left I noticed he wrote “The Old Fart Slept Here” I smile when I read it and it makes me realize how fortunate I am to have a place that offers rest to such special friends.

When it rains it pours.  I am in the midst of working on my 5th sculpture in two weeks.  I am not saying they are all completed,  but they are in process and some are good and some are not.   I have set myself a dead line to have as many waxes as my mind will bring ready to go to bronze in the next few days.  I will decide which go to bronze and which go back into the melting pot.  Once I brushed the dust off my summer rested hands and mind, the ideas flooded the studio.  It is good, bad, hard work, interesting, beautiful, frustrating, all at once.  I will take it.

(pics will be coming when I can find my camera)