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November 8, 2013

New Top 10….. Little things…..

This is one of those posts that talks about the bits and pieces that happen after the “art” work is finished and the “publishing” work  aka “stuff I wish I had someone else to do”  starts.  Here is my little list of little things that will make a little part of an artist soul die every time they happen.

  1. Set up home made photo studio with bad lights from IKEA and white table cloths.
  2. Take Photos of your finished work
  3. Clean, crop, import, export,  etc etc said photos for self promotion
  4. Post on web sit
  5. Post on face book personal page
  6. Post on face book on Airy Hill Studio page
  7. Put in blog
  8. Put in folders as record in case some crazy person takes pics of your work and sends it off to some far off land to have reproductions of them made only for you to later see your stuff on sale at the home décor section of IKEA/Pier One/Bed Baths and Beyond/
  9. Talk self off ledge while in shower trying to get the “Dirties”  off your skin
  10. Have great cup of coffee,
  11. Remember how lucky you are to be an artist and start planning the next piece.  Wash rinse, repeat……..

I hear about cool people like Mega athletes, Mega Musicians, and Celebrities who have people who do this work for them.   I bet Justin Timberlake has someone who manages his web site…..  I bet he didn’t have to spend two days working, reworking, swearing, learning, to bring “sexy back”…. That’s right,  I like that song,  what about it!!!!!!  Now that I think about it,  he most likely spent more time than that sitting around a video set, choreographing, hours of publicity, time away from family on promotional tours, airport after airport.  Not so sexy anymore,  but cool either way.

Sometimes it is when I write my blog that I reflect on the big things that in turn forces me to embrace the little things……

Enjoy the music…