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December 9, 2013

The Confluence of Four – a private commission.

The completion of this work signals the end of a six-month collaboration between myself, friends, family, friends of family, postal services, and the patrons of this piece.  We decided that a unique way to reflect on their lives thus far was to create a River Series unique to the four cities they have lived in to this point.   Each individual piece in the group of four would be a visual reminder of where they lived and cause for reflection on their life’s journey.

For this type of project the process is unique.  I collect water from the rivers and use it directly in the paintings.  I also use the exact GPS maps of the rivers to create the layout of the work.  The textural burst included in the works starts at the main hub or city center.  In this case what or how they felt the cities were best represented decided the underlying colors.  Yellow Oxide for Prague, Czech Republic, Red for London, England, Blue for Hamburg, Germany, and Green for Cologne, Germany.

For the integrity of the piece to stay in tact, I had to find a way to get water from these four rivers.  The Vltava, the Thames, the Elbe, and the Rhine.   Through luck and as a reflection of friendships forged over time as an ex-pat, I was able to collaborate with individuals to gather and ship water from each of the four rivers.  You will see my mother in law gathering from the Elbe, as she was on a River cruise.  You will see a friend of hers gathering from the Rhine, as luck would have it, they just happened to be passing by there.  Some of you will recognize my friend Pete collecting water from the Thames, and I was able to get the water directly from the Vltava.     It was a true international collaboration.

It is easy to take meaning from this type of project.  There are so many ideas that come to mind, but the most prominent for me is that all of these relationships have been touched by the confluence of these four rivers through art.

Thank you for the opportunity.


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December 2, 1013


I am thankful for

The son that rises over mountains of down

With a smile on his face and blue of the sky shining in his eyes


I am thankful for

The embrace of the gentle breeze, that flows from the blonde of her hair

The gentle knock at my heart when she says good morning


I am thankful for

The winding of time and the friendships it brings

The Distances crossed for gathering memories


I am thankful for

The companion who welcomes creation to be shared

The cool tidal pool we swim in for inspiration


I am thankful for

The smooth rhythms of work being made

the shuffle , the dance, the collaboration of one


I am thankful for

The adventure of being lost,

Understanding that we are not always where we think we were


I am thankful for

Finding ourselves honestly in thoughtful secrets

Knowledge in forms of evening hugs, and happy hours


I am thankful for

Forgiveness, forgetfulness, and Forever

Wedding bells in the evening cup of tea