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January 31, 2014

All bad things must come to an end….

Moments between and during work  in the studio are often filled with listening to the ipod, answering emails, texts, and other things to break up the day.  These last few weeks have been about putting my head down and working on waxes.  Some might even say that making art in the last few days has been a coping mechanism.  Whatever works I guess.  When you are alone in the studio it is sometimes a good thing and others…not so much.  Your mind goes off places and talks to people.  The conversations in your head are sometimes interesting and often will allow you to get past any creative stumbling blocks you may have.  All that is good, until the conversations in your head take over the creative process.  This is when a different level of discipline comes into play.  How do you shut off all the stuff.  I don’t know.  I wish I did.  I can only work through these things.

I started these pieces as a continuation of the first piece called Ode to Mucha.  People who have become dear friends own that piece and it sits in a different country from me now.  I think I wanted to continue the series because I enjoy it and am not finished with this stylistic approach.  As it turns out, the art was and is, and always will be smarter than me.  As it turns out, this continuation was about reflection, interpretation of time, space, coping, movement both forward and backwards and working towards inner piece.  This piece is about all those things.

Sometimes people don’t want to know what the artist is thinking, and sometimes it is better to let the viewer decide what they want, but for this piece, I want my voice to be heard.  I think this piece tells a story.  I think it’s story is unique and important and it tells the story through beautiful movement and lines.  I think this piece is important because it is helping me to understand that like many good things,  bad things too come to an end.  

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January 22, 2014

A day in the life….

I have been thinking for some time now to record a day in the life of the studio artist and put it on my blog.  It is not the first time this has been done.  I am sure it is not the most interesting thing to be documented as well, but I wanted to share this type of day with whatever audience follows my blog.  This blog was started with the idea of allowing people to see into the studio and to dispel the myth of the creative process as magical, whimsical, and undisciplined.    I didn’t know what the day would bring, but life never disappoints.  I am going to give you an “honest as I can” view of the day.

Here we go.

-Good morning, face the bathroom, brush teeth and try to find your face.

-Get on my “going down stairs for coffee and breakfast clothing”

-Make first cup of coffee, then eggs, the head to studio

-Step out of regular house shoes

-Change from morning clothing to studio clothing

-Step into Studio shoes

-Take in the view out of the studio door and enjoy first cup

-Turn on heat, turn on wax, check emails, check Facebook, and select play list on iPod.

-Assess items ready for work,

-Switch shoes and head into basement to gather supplies (extra wax)

-Switch shoes and lay out supplies while taking in the view.

-Make custom cover for studio/nice red dining room chair as to nut anger Christy

-Research ideas, artists, and sculptures, try to visualize what is in my minds eye

-Switch shoes and go back into house for second cup of coffee while studio warms up.

-Bring coffee into studio, switch shoes, check texts, and make sure family go to school okay

-Start working on new wax sculpture for bronze, set up camera for self-timer

-Record some photos of work,

-9:45 little break, answer emails that have been pining then switch shoes to go to kitchen

-Gather supplies from kitchen for sculpture.  Standard stuff, aluminum foil, & wax paper.

-Switch shoes and do test pours to see what wax will not stick to.

-Pour wax onto wax paper…wait for wax to cool

-Read Liverpool sports page while waiting for wax to cool

-Place the wax outside and think about how my grandfather used to put candy outside to cool.  Have a nice smile to myself and think about taste testing the candy.

-Pull the wax from the paper; enjoy the little successes of new processes.

-10:43 Read text from my brother David,  that I knew was coming but still never really prepared for.  Mixed emotions.  Oh the irony that I chose today to document my studio process.  I wasn’t going to share this piece, but realized I am sure I am not the first person to get interesting news while working in the studio…. Some times the challenges faced in the studio aren’t about process, materials; sometimes they are just about other stuff.

-Change shoes, bathroom break, and yogurt.

-Switch back to studio shoes and back to work

-Christy calls to check in and let me know she is coming home for lunch.

-Special treat to have lunch with my wife during the day.  I cooked homemade chicken noodle soup, and grilled turkey/pesto sandwiches.  Yum.

-While Christy is here, I have her help me take some photos that needed to be done

-Take the Confluence of Four piece outside to get a picture of them together.

-Back inside and back to work.

-Talk to a friend on email about possible collaboration.

-Switch the Laundry.  That’s right, part of my creative process is doing the laundry.

-Switch shoes then back into studio, greet the studio cat as he jumps on my shoulder as I check emails and chat with my sister.  We share thoughts and feelings about the strangeness we feel towards the day.

-Choose the afternoon play list, Todd Snider should work about just fine

-Work work work

-Talk to Amy about spring show

-2:33 time for snack.  Change shoes and head to the kitchen for Hummus and veggies

-Back into studio for bits and pieces of work on the piece

-Turn down much needed coffee with Tric.  but I dont think I would be welcomed in my studio clothing at the local coffee hang out.

-Start a second piece in an attempt to move away from the first piece I was working on today.  Sometimes you need to do something else to see the other something else more clearly.

-2:57 Gather photos, answer emails, and start writing “A day in the Life blog”………

3:49  finish writing and edit then post.

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Unexpected Fun

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

January 15th, 2014

Walking into the studio since the holiday break has been a challenge.  I recently finished a commission, but find myself full of ideas, none of which are worth opening the door.  As a creative observer I am never really short of ideas.  It is my responsibility as an artist to sort through the good and bad and see where the journey will take you.  When that doesn’t work, there are times when you just through a canvas up on the wall and see what comes out.

That is where I ended up today.  I know that not walking into the studio for yet another day would only allow the demons of a past life to spend far too much time raging in my head.

I walked into the studio and the first thing I did was ask myself if the drippings on the studio wall from all the previous paintings was the best work I have done in the last year and a half?  Then I laughed at myself and thought, it is going to be one of those days is it?

Call it therapy, Call it survival, or call it something far less dramatic and call it making marks.  Return to the very nature of making marks and seeing where they go.   I was hoping to figure something out today, but instead I had fun, something I didn’t expect to have.  

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