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February 25, 2014

It’s About Time…

Over the course of the last month I haven’t spent much time in the studio.  I have however filled my time with a trip to Moscow and Germany.   I have also spent time looking at possible venues for a spring show,  spent time working with the printer, spent time socializing, spent time preparing to teach, spent time teaching, but haven’t spent time making art.  To say the least it is the very thing I should spend my time doing.

The piece I am sharing today addresses the idea of “not giving the studio the time it deserves”.  Perhaps it is a little cliché, it is a little obvious, but it also means I have stepped back into the studio.  As is often the case,  Christy is correct when she says…  “It’s about time”

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February 16, 2014

When thank you isn’t enough.

When people ask me what type of art I make, I proudly tell them I am traditionally trained as a bronze sculptor.  That training came under the guide of Ike Hay.  Ike was a professor who was more than a teacher, he was a friend, a mentor, and a true gentleman.  My life as a sculptor is owed to him.  There are not words I can say that can capture my gratitude,  there is no art that I could make that would tell the story of my appreciation.  I can only live an artful life and share the knowledge I have been given under the watchful, sensitive, caring, and measured eyes of Ike Hay.

This is from the Lancaster news.Ike Hay, 69, of Lancaster, PA, died on February 14, 2014 at home, of ILD. He was born to the late Isaac K. Hay, Sr. and Florice Caldwell Hay, April 28, 1944, in Atlanta, GA.

Ike had the gentility of a Southerner, his roots, and the frankness of a Northerner, where he chose to make his home. He was the epitome of a true teacher, always generously sharing and disseminating information with anyone who expressed an interest and thirst for knowledge. He had a quick wit and great sense of humor. His influence was like a gentle breeze to all who knew him. He took great pleasure in being a small part of students’ progress and success. He allowed his students to be organically changed by his influence or mere presence in their lives. Ike has said, “Great art springs from great ideas and is refined with impeccable design and technique. To dismiss work with a glance is inherently unfair. The relativity of art makes it difficult to qualify. I look deeper. All art is created to communicate an idea, a feeling, a theory, or possibly a perspective to honor.”

Photo by Mistral Hay

Ike Hay