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March 26th, 2013

The grass is greener when you are a dreamer.

A friend once told me when I was living in my big custom log house on the hill, with my big yard, and my big studio that I was living the dream.  I remember thinking at that moment,  if spending three hours a week on a tractor mowing the lawn, countless hours working on the property, thousands of dollars on landscaping, and when it snows,  hours plowing the big driveway is living the dream,  then yep,  that’s what I was doing.  Truly a case of the grass being greener…

The truth is, there are days now, where I think I am actually in a dream.  I viewed a comedian named Tim Minchin give a graduation speech to a group of university students. In this speech he said to not set your dreams too far ahead, because if you do,  you will finally reach them then you die….  Instead he said to set a bunch of attainable goals and the dreams will mostly likely come from that.  Along the same line I remember  John Lennon saying life is what happens when you are busy making other plans….

I am very much enjoying this little section of my life, setting small goals like finishing more art before my upcoming show, seems attainable.  I am meeting those goals as evidence by the work I have completed today.  Truth be told I am dreaming about what will come next.  If that is living the dream, then I will take that over mowing the lawn any day.  I just hope Tim wasn’t right…..  I have a lot more dreaming to do.

Here is that speech,  enjoy.  But only after you are  finished reading my blog and clean your room and make dinner and doing the dishes and living the dream……..

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Shall we DANCE!!!!!!!!!

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Studio Practice

March 20th, 2014

Shall we DANCE!!!!!!!

I am excited to announce that we have received confirmation  Art Salons  CZ   for a show on Friday May 23rd   It will take place in the amazing Dancing House building in Prague.  The building itself is a major architectural icon in the city of Prague.

I little history about the Dancing House if you will…

Dancing House (Tančící dům) occupies a fine position alongside the Vltava River in Prague. This stunning building, constructed between 1992-1996, is somewhat of a rarity in the city center: a modern glass building surrounded by historic architecture.  Dancing House has daring, curvy outlines, which led its architects Vlado Milunc and the American Frank O Gehry to initially name it the “Fred and Ginger Building”, after the legendary dance duo.

The show will be called “In Prague Time” and will include works from the past four years, but will feature my pieces created while living in this beautiful city.

You are all invited…  seriously, get on a plane, train, or automobile and get over here to this show!!!!! 

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March 6, 2014

Working on Prague Time…….

On Monday I pulled a rolled up painting out of the depths of the studio and upon suggestions decided to stretch it and give it a new life.  It was a fun way to get back into painting since I have been working on sculptures for the past month.  It felt nice and it seemed like the piece would hold it’s own as a single painting.  I had a decent amount of time  previously into the piece, but never really saw it as more than a study.  There are times when it takes more than your own eyes to allow a work to reach it’s own potential.  I this case, I am glad I listened…..(thanks Amy) –  I signed it on Monday.

On Monday afternoon I stretched a new  canvas and began sketching and studying to create another piece.  When I worked on the before mentioned piece, I remembered that it was the catalyst for a sculpture that I had made titled “Overflowing”.  It was nice to reflect on the relationship between the painting and the sculpture and it gave me the idea to paint another painting this time using one of my sculptures as the catalyst for the painting.   The interesting thing is, that only the wax is done and if all goes well, it will become bronze.  (so it is not a completed sculpture by any means at this point)

I was sitting at lunch with a friend yesterday after spending the rest of the week working on this new painting.  We were enjoying our lunch at Brown Bag Burger talking about this new piece.   He then very casually asked me what I would do if the bronze didn’t work out?   The gravity of the idea hit me quickly.  (Thanks Paul)  There are a lot of steps between the wax and bronze, so there is a real possibility that it might not happen.   Would the piece hold its own without the sculpture?  The truth is, I don’t know.  We will have to wait and see.  I do know that I hadn’t thought about that and to be honest those thoughts swirled rather quickly in my brain.  I did what any other red blooded male would have done.  I finished by burger and beer with vigor……

There are many moments in the studio when work is very much just that.. Work…   Then there are weeks like this one.   It is Thursday and I have signed one painting and started and finished another.  I have tried to capture this pure unobstructed energy in this piece.   I am having dinner guests tomorrow evening and is tradition I will sign the piece with friends and toast it’s completion.   It is one of those weeks where it is a pleasure to be working on Prague Time…..

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