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Quittin Time Already?!!??!

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June 10th, 2014

Quittin time Already??!!!!!

Last year I started a new tradition for the studio.  I decided to talk about the ceremonies that go with closing the studio door and in addition create a top ten list of highlights.  We started this top ten thing a few years back when my wife decided it is a good idea at birthdays, leaving parties, and or any other milestone event to list the top events or memories from the year.  We give her endless grief for insisting we make and share the lists, but the truth is, we actually enjoy reflecting and sharing them.

Looking back at the last blog from last year I also listed the final song played in the studio.  This year it is “Ballad of the Devil’s Backbone Tavern”  by Todd Snider.  here is a link!/search/song?q=Todd%20Snider%20The%20Ballad%20of%20the%20Devil’s%20Backbone%20Tavern

If you take time to listen to the words then you will understand why I think we should all raise a glass to all the Miss Vergies that have come and gone into our lives.  They are people who have had the wisdom to figure out what is important in life and the patience to pass it on to those of us who are searching.

 Top 10 Studio Highlights…. in no particular order.

  1. Keeping Airy Hill Studio alive and thriving well
  2. Teaching a Bunch of University Kids.
  3. Dancing House solo Exhibition “In Prague Time”
  4. Making more Bronzes.  It is beyond a normal blessing to be able to work in this medium again.  The knowledge passed onto me by Ike Hay, the truest Southern Gentlemen to settle north.  Thank you for the gift,  the bronzes are made to honor the artful life Ike helped to give me. You are missed.
  5. Having Geoffrey Waite sleep in my studio on his last journey abroad.  You are missed you old fart.
  6. Having Christy write a song about our journey and having her as my partner, wife, and friend.
  7. Having Jaz attend the opening,  what a great kid.
  8. Working with Amy White who put together a hell of a show.  Couldn’t have done it without you.
  9. Having my art appreciated.  Not to be confused with loved or liked, but simply seen and thought of.
  10. Meeting all sorts of people, through my art, some fun, some serious, some artists, some art lovers, some weird, some just solid honest to goodness great people.

Much love,  see you in September.