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October 28th, 2014

Nervous Energy equals mental release

I have found that the few weeks leading up to a show often releases a certain amount of nervous energy. Could you imagine living with someone who struggles to sleep all the way through the night for weeks before an opening, talks nervously in most situations, and cant just sit and be still in his own space?   If you can, than you can let Christy know that you feel her pain.  Living with me isn’t a picnic under normal circumstances, so we have turned it up to 11 for the next few weeks.   As always  Christy handles it with grace.  I am a lucky man.

Another thing that often comes from this energy is new work that has been hiding in sketchbooks or the far corners of my brain. This is one of those pieces.

If you want to see it live come to my opening on Nov 22nd in Prague.   Details to follow.

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Oct. 16, 2014

Dirty Little Secrets

So here is my list of 10 Dirty Little Secrets

  1. I talk to myself when I work in the studio
  2. I like the feel of sticky wax on my fingers
  3. I enjoy rolling it into little balls and throwing it back into the hot wax
  4. I don’t like being reminded that sometimes you have to work to find inspiration
  5. I especially don’t like when I am past the creative part and move into the production part of art
  6. Sometimes I watch auditions on the youtubes of the X-factor, Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got talent, but draw the line at any form of dancing with the starts or used to be stars.
  7. When I am feeling really naughty I go nuts and put an extra cube of sugar in my coffee
  8. I like, nope love, 80s hair bands
  9. Sometimes you just need a little Van Halen to get through the work part of sculpting.

Subliminal advertising:    November 22nd I am having an Unveiling Show. I will show some new sculptures, and 2D work, but am really excited to unveil 1 painting and 1 sculpture to be seen in public for the first time that night. Venue and other info to follow.  Marie has the show stuff under control and she tells me to not sweat it and  just make art. So, because I am a little afraid of her, I am making art.

10.  I have to pee when I get nervous

Enjoy the work

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Oct. 1, 2014

Stress = Work = Rant

We all have stress. The stress of every day living, kids, life, art, spouses, driving, and weight, the list goes on. Right, so here is my rant on stress and I know when I am done I will feel better…..

  1. Preparing work for an Autumn show. Not that making art is stressful, but the idea of showing work to people and exposing yourself in such a way is a bit intimidating. Kind of like that dream where you are naked in-front of your co-workers at the holiday party.
  2. Having a book made about your art. Cool right, yeah I know, why would that create stress, because yesterday I had my picture taken for the book, and for some reason I freaked on the inside which then showed on the outside, and then the photographer had to work her magic extra hard to make me look good which I know caused her stress.
  3. Getting the ideas from my head into the art. There is a lot of stuff floating around up there, most of it ranges from a rating of PG13-NR18. You choose, but sifting through all that stuff and deciding which ones are to come front and center is “enjoyable”, being able to create what is in your mind is a different type of fun……
  4. Deciding to stay in the country which we live and work now or make the right move for your child’s education and shift home to another country so he can spend the next four years in one place. (for those of you out there who have never done such a thing… Imagine it like this. You take everything you have worked to know and understand, turn it upside down, put it in a place that you don’t know and cant understand, then light it on fire and then and only then remember you don’t know the number for emergency services)   Yup, just like that.
  5. If you decide to change places, you have to do so without any assurances of the next place because the place you are now wants to know if you are staying or going. Now that’s some real stress/adventure/. Again for those of you who have never done such a thing, think of it like this. (You are a flying trapeze artist and the person catching you tells you to tell the people below you to drop the safety net. Then the catcher person instructs you to jump without the net. You fly and fly and fly until some other catcher person decides they will catch you. If no other catcher person catches you, then you hit the deck or as we like to call it, move into your parents basement)
  6. Not having the Airy Hill Boys here to bounce ideas off of. It was my safety net. I miss having other creative artsy types at my disposal on a weekly basis or just a phone call away.
  7. Running out of wax as you are preparing for a show, which then means you should sit and blog for a big since it is has been a month.
  8. Blogging out loud the stresses of trying to live, create, and or all the above, sometimes makes me realize that I have nothing to stress about and that I should just enjoy the ride.

Here is the work I am doing right now. All of the Waxes are still unfinished, but some are closer than others and will be ready to go to bronze soon. The Big Canvas looking thing at the back of the studio is the finished grand canyon painting that only Christy and Marie have seen completed. Oh shit, that makes me think of something else to stress about, I will premier that piece and several of the bronzes (when finished) at the autumn show……. Damn it, just when I was starting to relax…..

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