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November 11th 2014

Ten easy steps to creating One Bad Ass Cocktail

Follow me closely and I will tell you how to mix a killer cocktail of adrenalin, fear, euphoria, contemplation, joy, and relief.

  1. Add one ex-pat family that consists of a teenager, music teacher, and artist.
  2. Agree as a family to start looking for a new place to live for the next four years
  3. Make art and plan a show
  4. Research said place, then research, research, research, wash rinse research
  5. Interview for hopeful jobs in these places to live
  6. Wait, Interview again, then wait some more, then interview again…..and wait
  7. Make Art and Plan show
  8. Get Job offer then, research, contemplate, and plan a strategy for telling family and friends you are moving   to Shanghai China.
  9. Tell Friends and Family you are moving to Shanghai China so your son can graduate High School from the Shanghai American School… (never thought you would hear yourself say any of those words)

This drink is best served over ice, chugged, sipped, warm, frozen, shaken and not stirred.

Ps. The show is planned for November 22nd and will be held at Jindrinsska 16, Prauge, CZ

A welcome drink awaits you,  feel free to stop by anytime between 18h-21h

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