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Dec. 4th, 2014

You can sleep when you are dead!

Years ago I was in a preparation conference for Fulbright Fellows when they were instructing us on cultural differences etc. etc. They got my attention when they told us to embrace every opportunity extended to us. They said, “After All, you can sleep when you are dead”.   We laughed, I thought it was kind of morbid, but later learned the true meaning of this strange statement.

The show is over, the hype is gone, the works have started to take their places in new homes and my studio is calm and inviting. Usually after a show, I take the next few weeks to just sort through piles on my desk,  update the web site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, reflect, take a breath, and keep the studio door closed.

The problem is, all those things that I usually take a few weeks to do, have sorted them early and I hear the nervous energy of creativity knocking on my door. I once heard that creativity breed’s creativity. I believe it was the reason for starting the Airy Hill School of artists. I wanted creative minds to plug into and hang out with in my studio on a semi regular basis. The solitude of the studio is embracing, but I am a social creature and have learned that I need a balance.

So today I am answering the knocking at the door and have built a new stretcher and will start a new piece. Why does this matter? It matters because I am moving the Shanghai in July. You can’t take large paintings and bronzes in your carry on. You can ship them however and I intend to do so. The truth is that I must be conscious of the amount of work I produce over the next few months and balance it with the need to create. I will also need to limit the number of private commissions I take on as well. Artistic freedom comes as a price and having to curve those urges is a high price to pay. It is going to be a bit tricky…

That being said, I am about to stand in-front of a new canvas and start working on the piece that is first in a long line of ideas clamoring around in my brain shouting to get out. They are a mixed bag of ideas, some paintings, some sculptures, and some just ephemeral beings trying to hold their spot in line until their ticket is called. It is both a blessing and a course to not be able to shut the brain off. It is cause for a lack of true rest. Lucky for me, I can sleep when I am dead….

In the immortal words of the “dead man” from the Holy Grail…           I’m not dead yet!